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Tool to harmonize process industry production

Stable and controlled process means productive production

Empower your production team to reduce unwanted production disturbances and allow them to excel

  • Reduce process breaks
  • Reduce waste and broke
  • Increase OEE and profit

AI-boosted solution delivered to your cloud or on-site.

Use process operators time efficiently and focus on things that actually are critical for the process.

Distribute actionable insights where they are needed and used.

Enable continuous learning – not just for computers but process experts as well.

FH Value Modules

Analytics modules use harmony analysis to provide actionable insights to solve a specific problem.

FH Break Predictor™

FH Break Predictor uses our unique harmony analysis to predict process breaks. It draws process operator’s attention to recognized problems and likeliest solutions immediately. This enables the operator to make a change in time to prevent a break from happening.

FH Settings Radar™

FH Settings Radar constantly monitors all process settings and gives process operator an overall information on current setting levels. The powerful data visualization quickly draws operator’s attention to those settings that are outside their assumed operational area.

These are the design fundamentals we apply.


Analytics is built directly for end users – no centralized gatekeepers or other control towers needed


System learns from data
User learns from system
System learns from users


Both focus on their strengths
User retains process harmony with the support of AI-boosted solution



We have bunch of new additions to our team! Welcome Ville, Nikolai and Pedro! The future of Factory Harmonizer looks even better now!
We have moved! Our new offices are now at Eteläesplanadi 24 A, Helsinki FIN. Welcome!


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